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JA Cavalier Reviews

JA Cavalier Reviews
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JA Cavalier Reviews


"JA wins games and makes you money! I was skeptical but the results speak for themselves. No one wins every game, but if you want to earn by being right the majority of the time, bet on JA. I like the fact that he puts his money on the table next to mine. He understands taking intelligent risk, so reap the rewards. One of the best decisions I have ever made"
Pete N. Atlanta, GA


"I’ve always been a gambler and have always purchased plays from all different cappers promising winners and not delivering. I was driving home from work one day listening to 97.5 the fanatic when JA offered a free winner of MNF browns vs 49ers and since I wanted to take the game anyway I took his pick of 49ers -5.5. This was some of the easiest money I’ve ever made. I called him the next day and signed up for a 25 day package and found myself up every week but wanting more. 15 picks into the 25 game package I had so much extra money I purchased the elite package which changed my life instantly for the better. Since buying the picks I’ve paid off my car loan, cut my student loans in half and have additional income I once didn’t have consistently coming in. This guy is hands down the best in the industry. At this point I’m not even gambling this is investing with the highest rate of return out there. Unlike these other cappers JA delivers on his promises, always is available to me if I have any questions and I will always recommend him to someone who is serious about making money. Buy his picks, buy his elite package and get rich it’s really that simple.
Steve P. Philadelphia, PA 

"I have known JA for awhile now since back when he was working with Al. When JA went on his own there hasn't been anyone in the field that comes close! I can honestly say that. 2 words about JAC "REAL DEAL" I have used alot of agency's in the past and all you get it bad promises! Then you get "we'll get'em back tonight" "its ganna be a big night" all trash. Its never been like that with JA he's a straight up honest guy that if he knows your honest he'll do anything he can for you!! I'm personal proof. He cares about 1 thing and 1 thing ONLY!!! produce winners. You don't get crap talk from JA he really is the BEST IN THE BUISNESS!!! 1 more thing! I could look anybody straight in the face when giving them JA's contact and know there going to VERY satisfied. I CAN'T SAY THAT ABOUT ANYONE ELSE IN THIS BUISNESS!! that's the truth. Thanks JA
Brian G. Boston, Ma


The elite 100 football package has been the best move I have ever made when it comes to sports betting. I discovered at the beginning of the season and started following their free picks on social media. After a couple of weeks I checked out the website and found the elite 100 package for a very reasonable price. I have been burnt by these types of sites before, but I took a chance with this service and it was the best move I ever made! As soon as I bought the elite 100 football package it paid for itself instantly. Since I bought this package I have made money hand over fist EVERY WEEK! All you have to do is to call the hotline and the picks are waiting for you instantly. I’m 100% satisfied and recommend this service to anyone who is serious about making real money on sports betting. The service speaks for itself.
Craig R. Rochester New York


"I’ve been gambling for over 7 years and I  tried my luck, different cappers, doing my own research and nothing seemed to work. It was one day I finally got lucky and came across JAC on the explore page and was roaming through his picks and I was curious to see if his stuff was legit. I signed up for the package $99 25 picks and he did as he said he will going 20-5. So I moved to the Elite Package and man what a move that was. Probably second best move I made besides getting married. Now I am a Elite Football member and since then I left my side job and spend more time with my family and kids making more gambling. Keep doing what your doing hopefully things go well and I can soon get on the basketball package.
Larry. Brooklyn, NY

"My name is Zach, I’m 26 from Lincoln NE. I’ve been around sports Gambling since I could remember. My father has always had guys give him sports picks. That always were never reliable. Always losing money. Until now, J.A Cavalier elite 100* picks are almost guaranteed winners. Since I’ve used him to I’ve won more money then my father ever has. It’s incredibleService to have. Not only you get your money back instantlyOn your investment within days. He has great customer service to. You can always reach him immediately with a push of a button. Even his assistant personally contacted me and responds to text right away. It’s honestly the best I’ve ever seen and I won’t go anywhere different.J.A Cavalier = GOAT!!!! 
Zach. Lincoln, NE


"Elite club service from J.A. Cavalier is hands down the best premium service I have ever subscribed to.  Easy to work with and no hassle when it comes to getting picks on a daily basis.  It is worth the price, you won’t regret it. Up over 900 units the last 2 weeks!!!
Jacob R. Houston, TX


"Tried pretty much everything. Capping myself. Paying a list of others. Nothing ever “clicked”. Then I “clicked” JA on Instagram and my betting world did a 180. I’m a part of the Elite Club and what a club it is!!  All that needs to be said is that when an Elite is on the Board for the day or night. It’s gonna be a good day or night. Won’t talk streaks and percentages. I will say - it’s been the best ride I’ve been a part of so far. 
Thanks JA, Happy Elite Member. 

Larry G. Sacramento , Ca



"So I saw JA on Instagram, and he would post his winnings all the time. Didn’t think it was possible for him to win that often on his elite picks, like as good as 80% or better on them.
So I bought the elite football package just hoping for the best because I was down BIG this year, so I thought if I buy JA’s elite package it can’t be any worse on how I’m doing now.
And now I’m in the positive for the year, including the money I spent on the elite package. Way better than I every expected. Keep it up JA!

Luke C. Plano, Illinois



"I started with a $99 dollar football package to test the waters as I have been burned by sports advisors in the past.  Halfway through my package the picks were so successful that I upgraded to the elite football package.  I am thrilled with success and love the fact that I receive the all plays including the golden tickets.  My only regret is not jumping on the elite package earlier in the season.  I love calling the line and getting the picks for the day and hearing how amped J A is for the day’s plays. His nickname should be Real Deal Cavalier"
Chris H. Andover, MA



"I purchased the Elite 100 Football Package from JAC three weeks ago and let me tell you, this man is LIFE CHANGING. I have legitimately 4.58xed my entire account and have made enough money to pay off my student loans as well as my mothers student loans. I am ultimately grateful for JAC and I urge every single one of you guys to not sleep on JAC and purchase all his ELITE packages. He is one of kind and does not miss at all. He is an automatic cashing machine and you do not want to miss this once in a life time deal to completely transform your life. If you are sick and tired of your 9-5 life, and you want to make some serious cash on the side, JAC is the answer. I can’t eat to make more money this season and I am thrilled from here onwards that I’ve found JAC. 
Cheers to you JAC 🥂 

Victor T, Los Angelos, California 

"I was skeptical at first I won't lie. I came across him on Instagram and started following. I started off with a basic football package and started making money immediately, so I saved up money and then bought an Elite 100 football package. All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS. The man is insane with his picks. I'm working on saving up for an Elite 100 basketball package. To the person following him on Instagram right now and deciding on whether or not to purchase a package...PLEASE do so it is DEFINITELY worth it. I would not lie to you. I was once in your position...on the outside looking in. I don't know about investing in the stock market but I am willing to say that it would be worth your while because you get a really quick return on your investment. I am SO happy that I signed up.  JA Cavalier...Thank you SO much!!!!!!
Avery S. San Antonio, TX 

"I started with JA’s golden ticket package. After seeing what he could do I was excited for the elite package. I was looking to make some extra money and seen JA had an elite package for football. Jumping on board the elite package for football was the best investment I made. I’m making hundreds extra every week following his elite picks. Thanks for the opportunity"
Travis K. Honolulu,HI



"My name is Aaron. Long Beach, CA and I been betting on games for the last 3 years. My first year I profited but last year I took a chance and bought some packages from other cappers and did horrible, lost in the thousands. This year I took the chance and spent 100 dollars on ylose and even tho it didn’t sweep I made profit on his picks. Even got the season package. He would throw in some elite picks when they first started and I was making some real money. But like all good things, it comes to an end and I was faced with the option to keep playing just the 10* game or keep making bank with the elite. I took the chance and ain’t looking back. Once you decide to take the chance and purchase the elite package it’s instant profit and I’m true to my word! Jump on this money train!!! 
Aaron. Long Beach, CA



"I signed up for the both football and basketball elite packages and and I’ve been crushing my bets. It is one of the best investments I have made. Packages paid for themselves in 2 weeks!
Chris. Biddeford, ME

"I have tried out several capers before. JA cavalier is by far the best from top to bottom. He has great picks every single day whether you bet NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB. If you have any questions he is there to answer. His Elite 100 club is where you go to get rich. Best investment I have done. Even if he may have a bad run he will still answer you and respond to you and just know that he will have many more great runs then bad.  Just know this if you listen to JA you will no longer be gambling. You will be winning Vegas money day in and day out. 
Michael A. Houston, Texas​​​​​

"I started with JA this year after hearing a ad on a Dallas radio station.  I started out with the small play option.  He never made me feel bad about being a small action client.  The wins kept coming and I jumped to the elite status.  He understood that my play  line wasn't as large as others and did a solid deal for me and him.  
College football has been huge at my max play!  NFL started a little slow but is rolling like crazy.  I signed up for elite BB being a little wary.  Started a touch slow but yesterday I went 4-0-2 and tonight  i'm off to a 6-2 record.
I trust this guy with his knowledge and I know he works hard for his clients!!
Couldn't be happier being an elite client!!​​​​​

Chris N. Dallas, Texas

"This is 100% worth the investment as i’ve always gambled and purchased picks from OTHER handicappers to MIXED results.  I bought JAC’s elite football package 2 weeks ago and have only had stellar results. JAC is actually 6-0 already on his elite 100 picks in the last 2 weeks and i’ve been able to stack over $3,500 net profit in that time with some of these games being no doubters and essentially over in the first half! 
In all my years of gambling i’ve never had such an easy relaxing time watching games making money.  usually my team is playing terrible and making mistakes while i’m raging and praying for a comeback.  take it from someone who loves sports and gambling and also making $$$.
JA IS THE TRUTH and you will NOT regret his elite 100 package. Every saturday and sunday are like christmas for me because of his picks i’m cashing out!!!
DON’T MISS OUT! Hop on and join the money train 

Andrew S. Lyndhurst, NJ



"I have used many cappers over the last ten years..most are not reputable or successful..most I could hope for was to break even..ja cavalier is fair, honorable and reliable. But most of all...he just wins! Since I bought the elite fb package in early September he has hit over 80%. I have been waiting for the call that I have been cut off because of constant huge's a great feeling knowing I'm guna make $$$$ every weekend..thanks ja!     
Ray k..Peoria, il.

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