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Day of purchase all selections will be sent via email. However, after day of purchase all selections will be found in the members section on You will receive an email with login information. All NFL service packages include all NFL Selections 1-50* for the duration of the package purchased.


Any and all backings given are for those who purchase on day of said backing. Backings may vary on daily promotions and do not pertain to previously purchased packages.


NFL This Week

The NFL season is in full swing and heating up. The season will be gone before you know. That’s why you need to take advantage of every single week of the season. With fewer games compared to other leagues like the NBA, NHL, and MLB; picking winners is much more difficult. With no more than 16 games in a given week, it is still extremely difficult to do all the research needed to make sound decisions. That’s all the more reason to enlist the help of J.A. Cavalier, one of the world’s premier sports handicappers. Well-versed in the game itself, J.A. Cavalier was brought up with a deep understanding of how lines are made, what affects them, and why they move. For him, it’s more than just numbers and his record speaks for itself. Get all the latest in NFL news, previews, picks, and more

  • How Does JA Cavalier rate his selections?
    All selections are rated in star value. The larger the number the bigger the selection. It would be considered a unit-based system using asterisk in place of U or units. 1-3* are his most common selections. 5* would be considered an Elite Selection and 10* would be his All-in max. He does add or subtract * on certain selections for a variety of reasons. Inflated lines, line movements and situational play being most common. 1-3* plays are by no means considered small plays. In fact, the success rate on 1-3* plays continue to trend strong
  • What percent of my bankroll is 1*?
    J.A. Cavalier has always believed it is up to the individual i.e. the client to dictate his/her own level of involvement. The most common use of * or Units has been a general rule of 1% for conservative and 2-3% for the more aggressive. The main thing to remember in this space is bankroll management and understanding your situation. This is in no means a get rich quick scheme. Bad runs are as much a part of this space as good ones. Though bad runs are not all that common for J.A. and the good far outlast the bad, they can happen. On your own or with a sports handicapper know your limits and set boundaries.
  • Units Won vs Units Risked
    Truly is no wrong answer to this question. I have always stated the client dictates his/her own level of involvement. The aggressive play to win units while the conservative play risk. Only the client truly knows their capabilities, as always it is suggested to stay within means and know your limits
  • What does mean in Soccer/Football?
    Soccer Terms you should know
  • What Sportsbooks or Sites are recommended?
    We can not and will not refer and establishments. It is a conflict of interest.
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